External Venetian Blinds or Roller Shutters?

In modern construction, nearly all investors today decide to install external protection on their windows. The most popular solutions are external venetian blinds and roller shutters. Their main function is to protect against sunlight and ensure privacy in the rooms. Both products are mounted outside the window, which does not interfere with the interior design or functionality. Depending on the chosen solution, they can also perform other important functions. For example, external roller shutters have excellent thermal insulation properties, while venetian blinds help to freely regulate the amount of light entering the room.

Before making a decision, it is worth considering what the final effect you expect.

External Venetian Blinds

External venetian blinds are an innovative system for external shading that regulates light flow and heat. The aluminum slats reflect sunlight, actively reducing the heating of rooms from it by up to 75%. Their clean appearance and functionality make them a preferred component in the energy efficiency concept of modern office, commercial, residential, and administrative buildings.

The comfort provided by venetian blinds is largely influenced by the choice of automation. The wide range of options allows you to tailor it to your needs. This also applies to roller shutters, where the choice of models and automation is huge. Venetian blinds can be operated by motor or crank. Automatic control ensures quiet and safe operation, which is a guarantee of satisfaction with the product. It allows the position of the slats to be smoothly adjusted according to the current weather conditions. It is very important to note that when shaping the slat of the blind, a rubber seal is factory-fitted to it, which protects the product from icing of the slats.


External Roller Shutters - Effective Protection, Aesthetics, and Discretion

External roller shutters have excellent thermal insulation properties, which are extremely valuable in winter. They allow you to reduce your home heating costs, as a large part of the heat is lost through the windows. The space between the window and the lowered canvas creates an air cushion that acts as thermal insulation. As a result, the heat remains inside the building, which reduces heating bills. External roller shutters also provide protection against noise.

Types of External Roller Shutters

With front mounting (AL Mini, AL Maxi, AL Oval, PVC Prima)

If the house is already finished and the windows do not need to be replaced, the best solution is to install facade roller shutters. They are mounted on the wall or above the window niche. This mounting method does not require prior planning in the building design and the roller shutters can be adapted to all types of windows. The box and slats of the blinds can be painted in any one of the RAL colors or can be in wood imitation - golden oak, walnut, dark oak, and mahogany.

SP Integro

This type of roller shutters is ideal for a house under construction. They are mounted in the niche together with the window. They can also be mounted when replacing windows. Similar to built-in roller shutters, the box can be hidden under the plaster after installation.


Built in roller shutters (Trocal, Basic, Relax)

The decision to purchase roller shutters is best made at the stage of designing the house. These roller shutter models require preliminary preparation of the window openings, which must be consistent with the size of the shutter box and the height of the window. The blind is pre-mounted on the window, which is why the term "monobloc" can often be found. They are ideal for energy-saving or passive houses. Their advantage is the possibility of embedding the box in a way that completely eliminates thermal bridges (built-in Trocal blind with hidden mounting).

Types of Controls and Automation

Mechanical motors operated by a button for built-in or external mounting or a remote control receiver with a remote control.

Radio motors, which are the most popular choice among consumers. They have a built-in radio receiver and are controlled only with a remote control.

Motor with solar panel. The solar panel has a built-in receiver that can control (lower/raise the blind). It is charged either by sunlight or by a charger (adapter).

Motor with obstacle stop function - this motor is specially designed for external blinds and has a built-in obstacle stop function. When the blind encounters an obstacle, the motor automatically stops to prevent damage to the blind or obstacle.

Both external roller shutters and venetian blinds can be controlled with a smart device and an application on the phone. Up to 30 motors can be connected to it, up to 20 scenes, 20 timers can be configured, and the products can be grouped into a maximum of 20 rooms.